About Twilight Village

We're a small village tucked away next to a lake in Michigan's northern lower peninsula. Most of the time we feel pretty remote, and we like it that way. The year-round population is small but grows in the summer since it's so beautiful up here. It grows briefly in the Fall during leaf season and hunting season. Many people from downstate, especially the bigger cities like Detroit, Lansing, Anna Arbor, Flint, come up to vacation here. Also people from the neighboring states ( Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, lots of folks from the Chicago area) come up to visit during the warm months. Some people have had cottages on Twilight Lake in their families for generations. Once in a while we get new people too.

Most of the village residents have lived here a long time. Most have grown up here as did most of their parents and some grandparents.

The majority of the folks here hold down more than one job, or at least have something going on the side, in order to pay all the bills during the course of the year. We often take time out to gather up at the waterfront for a picnic or our favorite way to celebrate, a beach fire! We do some singing there, plenty of eating, and lots of gabbing too.

Some of the favorite activities here include fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, bait fishing, ( okay, you get the picture). Our lake is full of walleye, pike, some perch, loads of smelt and pan fish, burbot, bass, whitefish, lake trout. We have streams nearby too, a couple of them world famous, with plenty of trout. Folks also like to hunt up here quite a bit. Lots of folks canoe also. We have a bunch of village-owned canoes at the waterfront given to us a long time ago by a generous industrial family who had land here and spent many summer vacations here.

In a village such as Twilight, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business, but in spite of that, or maybe because of it, folks here tend to get along and look out for each other. I guess I would say that we're a pretty laid back bunch. We love living here and hope that it stays this way for many years.